Wellness Wednesday





Hello and welcome back everyone! As the school counselor for Ansel Adams, I am excited to work with you to provide your child with the best academic experience. My responsibilities as a school counselor are to provide short-term school-based counseling services to students who need assistance in becoming better and successful learners through building self-esteem, self-understanding, decision-making, and social and study skills. My goal is to motivate students to develop a sense of personal pride, and a desire to learn and grow in a positive direction.

As part of our school counseling program, I work with students on an individual and/or small group basis as the need arises. Sometimes students need help making friends, adjusting to school, learning how to resolve conflicts, learning how to express anger appropriately, etc. Sometimes these adjustments are difficult for children and may affect their school performance. As your child’s school counselor, I work with children to help them be successful at school. School counselors do not provide therapy.

You may reach me by calling me at (209) 953-9301 ext. 101009 or you can email me at You may also find additional resources a



Sandra Flores, MS, PPS

LUSD School Counselor