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Principal's Message





Hello and a Very Pleasant Good Evening to You!

Calendar for this week:

Tues May 26

8:30 IEP- KB ( Carr )
10-12 Kinder Distribution/Promotion

Wednes May 27
10-12 3rd and 4th gr distribution
2:00 Staff Zoom

3:00 Retention Meeting ( Kagehiro/Leyva )
Thurs May 28

10-12 6th gr Distribution/Promotion ( Any and all staff are welcome to wave and hold a sign! Also, saying goodbye to Ms. Mary for her retirement )
2:45 Lisa Katowski’s retirement parade at ESC

Friday, May 29

10-12 Open Office Hour to pick up student belongings/ Benitez distribution

11am IEP-ZC ( Green )

Wednesdays, June 3 & 10-  Open Office Hours 10am – 12pm.


TY to Mrs. Bohren and Mr. Vann for creating our Virtual Talent Show, displayed on the school website.

TY to the so many who contributed a picture/message to our students. They’re displayed at the end of the talent show. Awesome! Check it out! And thanks again. Filled my heart!

TY to the many who have prepared and/or distributed student belongings and report cards. I received many compliments from parents to teachers, staff, our entire school for keeping things going and for providing for families.


Condolences: to Mr. Ken, as his mother passed away on Friday. He may be off for a few days caring for his father and the family.


Staff on Campus:

Michael and Jammie will be on campus from 9am-3pm  T, W, Th this week and for the first two weeks of June. Robbie will be on campus by 10:30 M, Fs. Any changes will be communicated.


Distribution this week for K, 3, 4, 6. I just want to be sure that it’s been made clear there are two choices. 1. Admin is more than happy to distribute the materials. Teachers are not required to be on campus. 2. Teachers may participate in the distribution. I will restate this to families in my connect-ed that some teachers will not be able to make it, so they will say remote-goodbyes ( but do that before your distribution day so families are aware ).



Production and delivery are delayed. They will likely not arrive this week. I will be communicating this to families, that pick up will need to be hopefully in June ( maybe July ).


Student software programs

District-wide programs will remain open until July 24. They will shut down for the final week in July to prepare for the new school year. I have a few teachers set up to monitor student use and motivate students to keep it up. – Amplify, iRead, myON, Dreambox.  I will check on Reading Counts, Moby Max. Any others?

May 17, 2020

Good evening Ansel Adams Families,

It’s time we begin the conclusion of this school year and begin considering the next. Here are some key announcements: Please listen carefully. This will also be posted our school website. 

1.Students have the opportunity to pick up their belongings and their report card. Drive-thru times are from 10am to 12pm. Turn in any text books you have, but keep your chromebook for summer use. Students’ bags will be prepared on the following dates.

Wed, May 20:  1st and 5th grades
Thurs, May 21:  2nd grade
Tues, May 26: Kinder Promotion
Wed, May 27: 3rd and 4th grades
Thurs, May 28: 6th grade Promotion

If you are unable at this time, we will have open office time on May 29 and June 3. Any material not retrieved will be kept for students when we return to school.

2. If you do attend this drive thru opportunity please adhere to the following procedures for the sake of everyone’s safety.
    1. Stay in your vehicle.
    2. Provide us with a note card that has your child’s name and teacher’s name on it.     
    3. Wear a mask

3. Some teachers will not be able to attend the drive-thru. They will be communicating their good bye’s and wrapping up the year with students during distance learning. Some teachers will be able to attend the drive-thru. As difficult as it may be, it is very important for staff and students to keep the social distance. We’ll need to save our hugs for a bit later! Also, Kinder and 6th grade drive thru will include their promotion certificate.

4. I want to wish those who will no longer be with Ansel Adams a fond farewell. 3rd gr teacher, Mrs. Tejeda as she is moving to another school. Congratulations to retiring staff members; Ms. Mary, our school cafeteria manager, Ms. Lori Penney, our secretary, Ms. Hudlin, our school nurse, Mr. Hurley our 6th grade teacher, and Mrs. Pawlowski, our Kindergarten teacher. Warm good byes to our 6th graders as they promote to middle school. And lastly, students who may be attending other schools next year. We wish you all the best.

5. We will continue to monitor the answering machine and will have an open office hour on June 3 and 10 from 10am to 12noon. Please visit our school website for all information; staff email addresses, 7th grade information, Mr. Coughlin’s Monday morning Ansel Adams News videos, and our soon-to-be Talent Show Video!

6. We don’t yet know how and when our next school year will begin. Keep an eye and ear out for Lodi USD messages. I will surely be in touch as well! Stay well, and we look forward to waving to you as you drive –thru in the next couple of weeks.     

***6th Grade Parents*ZOOM MEETING*

**May 18, 2020 from 6-7  with Morada Principal*

Janet Perez is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.


Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 776 638 7241

Password: Morada2020

Thank you!