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May 29, 2021

Greetings Ansel Adams Parents of Distance Learners in Gr. 3-6,

If you are a Distance Learner, and did not come to school to take the CAASPP state tests, we invite you to bring your student for testing on Wed, June 2 and Fri, June 4 to test in the cafeteria from 9-2. You need to arrive by 8:45am with your school chrome book. If you don't have a district issued chrome book we will provide one. Students will break for lunch for either a free school lunch or bring one from home.
Please contact the office at 953-9601 to reserve a testing seat.



Ansel Adams
CAASPP- California State Test
Parent Letter


Gr. 3-6 Families of Ansel Adams Distance Learners,

In-Person students will be taking the CAASPP state test during the times/days listed below. Due to technical difficulties we will not test remotely and are therefore inviting parents of Distance Learners to bring your student to school to test In-Person as well*. Those who remain at home will work on independent assignments while teachers are administering the state test.

Please respond to your classroom teacher by May 11 of your decision:
I will drop off my child at 8:30 and pick them up at 11:45am. I will bring my chromebook and earbud/headset. ( If you do not have a LUSD chromebook, one will be provided ).
2. We will stay home as a Distance Learner to work on assignments and not participate in the state testing.

Test Schedule




Thursday, May 13 8:45- 11:45

Monday, May 17 8:45- 11:45


Tues, May 18, 8:45- 11:45
Wed, May 19, 8:45-11:45



Tues, May 18, 8:45- 11:45
Wed, May 19, 8:45-11:45



Tues, May 18, 8:45- 11:45
Wed, May 19, 8:45-11:45





Greetings Ansel Adams Community,

If you are a Distance Learner, an email was sent today from Food Services that the 5 day meal bundle will be distributed on Mondays at either Delta Sierra Middle School in Stockton or Lodi Middle School in Lodi, both from 2:30 to 3:30 pm.
Please pre-order to pick up these meals.  Place an order at  no later than Fridays by noon, for pick up the following Monday.

We are now prepared for a full return to in-person learning beginning April 12. Current numbers indicate that 243 students, roughly 1/3 of our student-body, are choosing to remain a Distance Learner. I completely understand family health concerns may outweigh the desire to return to school. We will work to make the Distance Learning program the best we can. The other 2/3 will begin on Monday! With safety measures in place we will make as safe a return as possible! Please continue to listen to and read district and school messages. I try to keep them to only critical information! Thank you to each and every student, parent, and staff member for your efforts this year! We have 9 weeks to go! Let’s make them worthwhile! CUBS are Courageous, Understanding, give Best effort, and don’t forget to stay SAFE!  Gooooo Cubs! – Mr. Coughlin




As we move into the final quarter of our school year, we have encouraging signs that society is inching its way toward normal.

While still in a dynamic situation where the rules keep changing, we are beginning something we have never done!

Hybrid learning, where no more than half the class is in-person at a time. Here are the top 10 items all parents need to know!

  1. Know which track you are on; A track is in-person Mondays and Thursdays, B track is in-person Tuesdays and Fridays.
  2. Parents have the choice to remain as Distance Learners. This is the D track. Contact the office if you wish to make a one-time change.
  3. Changes will be allowable dependent on space in each track.
  4. School starts at 8:30. Gates open at 8:15. No breakfast is served.  AM Kinder will have breakfast and begins in the café.
  5. In-person time ends at 11:30 for Am Kinder, 12:20 for grades 1-3, and 12:30 for grades 4-6. PM kinder in-person hours are 10am – 1pm.
  6. SDC students are M, T, Th, and F. Lunch will be served before leaving campus.
  7. Lunch distribution day is every Wednesday from 10:30-1pm and includes 5 days of meals.
  8. Safety protocol is taken from the LUSD Operations document:
  9. Office hours are 7:30am-4:00pm.
  10. We are excited to see you all return! Here we go, Cubs!