Greetings to our Ansel Adams Community of Students & Staff, Families & Friends,


As we venture into a new school year, the word “new” can be applied to much of what our journey will entail.  Never before, have our generations experienced beginning school in a remote format, commonly being referred to as Distance Learning.  This first experience also finds many of us in an unsettled path that may include financial uncertainty, child-care service dilemma, emotional trauma, health concerns of ourselves and our family members and friends. While social distancing with my family, while ending last school year and preparing for this one, I have placed many a thought and a prayer for each of our Ansel families.  I hope this message is finding you healthy and well, and perhaps prepared to begin this journey together.

I want to welcome many new members to the Ansel Adams family. You’ll find our new staff members pictured in our school website.  We also have transferring students coming to us from other schools. And last, but not least, is our new kindergarteners… the high school graduating class of 2033! Welcome to all returning and new Cubs to the Den! And when I envision where our paths will take us to 2033, I have hope that our positive interaction with each other and with the world around us during this challenging time will lead us on a journey of growth and strength, healing and happiness.  May we treat each other, each and every one of us, with dignity and respect, to seek to understand, to celebrate each other for our contribution to the diversity and richness of our community.

Teachers and support staff have been working this Summer in mental preparation, researching the internet for advice from others on the journey, buying things we think we might need. Parents have been caring for their children, answering their childrens’ endless questions of when will they get to go back to school, and trying to keep up with the evolving guidelines of the CDC and local health departments, all while ensuring food is on the table.

This leaves us all in a degree of anxiousness, as we embark on this new journey. But we are here now. Staff has returned. Communication is coming into focus, and we are nearly ready for our August 10th start date. So let me now share the details.

During the week of August 3rd we will be announcing each teachers’ class roster and will have distribution windows for families to pick up essential supplies. 

Traditional Back-To-School-Night will be replaced with your teacher’s recorded video ( and perhaps a live Q&A time ).

We will develop a time for kinders and their parents to learn how to use their chromebook so they can access the Distance Learning program.

The entire first quarter will be Distance Learning with a combination of recorded videos, live instruction and/or teacher check-in, whole group, small group, written assignments, and certainly breaks and lunch, all within the regular hours of our school day from 8:30-2:30. This will be better described during the teacher’s video/information specific to their class.

Lunch will not be passed out freely as it was last year. It will only be free or reduced price if you qualify via the meal application. Please complete the meal application today. ( Resources-Meal App…or using the link; )

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