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Ansel Adams opened in 2004 as the neighborhood was being built. Although we're located in north Stockton, we are part of Lodi Unified School District. Each year we range from 750-800 students. This is our 15th year!

Who is Ansel Adams?

Ansel Adams, a northern California native, is famously known as a photographer of black and white images of our natural environment. You'll notice many framed photos around our school, much like an Ansel Adams art gallery.  

Principal - Michael Coughlin

Michael Coughlin is a southern California native, but has lived in our area for 20 years! He was a teacher, instructional coach, vice-principal, and principal of Lodi USD for all 20 years! He loves watching kids learn and being excited about it! When he and his family are on vacation they love to go camping when they're on vacation!


We Are All Cubs, from cultures that span the globe!

Asian-Indian - 4%

Black - 8%

Hispanic - 34%

Hmong - 8%

Filipino - 6%

Laotian - 4%

Mixed Race- 8%

Vietnamese - 8%

White - 4%