Ansel Adams Cubs Observe the Total Solar Eclipse 08/21/2017

Ansel Adam Cubs are Growing Up! McNair Seniors that used to be Ansel Adams Cubs.

LCAP Parent Survey

Parents: We would like your feedback!

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LCAP Parent Survey


Welcome to 2017-2018!

School begins at 8:30 on Monday, July 31.


School times:

8:30 - 12:10  A.M. K

10:50  -  2:30  P.M. K

8:30  -  2:30    1st - 3rd

8:30  -  2:35    4th - 6th

New Ansel Adams' Principal

Greetings, Cubs!


I've already heard so much from so many people about what a great learning community you have.  I wish Mrs. Lyall all the best as she transitions to be principal at Podesta Ranch School. I know you will miss her, but I will try to carry on the strong traditions as we enter the school's 14th year! My transition from principal of Julia Morgan School, where I've been for nine years, to Ansel Adams, has been an action-packed summer already as we prepare for the 2017-2018 school year. 


Just a bit about me.... I moved to the area in 1998 and live in Lodi with my wife and four children. I started as a 3/4 teacher at Turner School, taught 7th grade life science at Morada Middle School, worked as a Science instructional coach, then vice-principal, and eventually principal in 2012. When I'm not at school I coach baseball and enjoy the outdoors with the family. 


My goal this year is to learn the Adams way and to work with the families and staff on making continuous improvements so your children can reach their highest potential!  Let's get started!!  


 - Mr. Coughlin ( /cough/ - as when you clear your throat )

Ansel Adams Staff Eager for Our Cubs to Return!

Counseling Services at Ansel Adams

Counseling Services are available to students at Ansel Adam. Mrs. Sandra Flores, School Counselor, is able to provide counseling services to students who need assistance in becoming better and successful learners through building self-esteem, self-understanding, decision-making, and social and study skills. Mrs. Flores is able to work with students on an individual basis as specific concerns arise. Sometimes students need help making friends, adjusting to school, learning how to resolve conflicts, learning how to express anger appropriately or adjusting to family situations. If you are interested in counseling services for your child, please contact Mrs. Flores at or talk to your child's teacher.





Visitors and Volunteers

If you are coming onto school grounds during school hours, it is a district policy that all visitors and volunteers must come to the office to sign in and receive a badge.  We THANK YOU for your understanding and for your part in helping us to know everyone who is on campus so we can keep kids and staff safe and secure.

Our Vision

Ansel Adams strives to create a safe and supportive, student centered environment for life-long learners, through rigorous and relevant academic focus. In partnership with parents and our community, we empower students to be socially responsible and productive citizens.

Today: 8/23/17

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What T-shirt Do I Wear Today....

Tuesday: Anti-Bully Zone! ( orange ) 

Wednesday: College Wear
Thursday: Patriotic Day! ( red, white, and blue )

Friday: Adams Spirit T-Shirt ( blue and white )

Lodi Unified School District's School Accountability Report Card

School Accountability Report Card


Provides parents and the community with important information about each public school. For more information contact LUSD Accounting 209-331-8901 or visit: