We Are Ansel Adams Cubs 2015 - 2016

Spring has Sprung!

There's something in the air, and it's not just pollen. Spring break, spring vacation, spring weddings -- spring fever. We want to get out, wear shorts and sandles, mingle lots. Kids feel it, too. Talk to any teacher, you'll likely hear there's more buzzing in the classrooms.

That energy surge, in whatever form it takes, is a function of longer days and lots more sunlight, says Michael Smolensky, PhD, professor at the University of Texas-Houston School of Public Health

Ansel Adams Open House 2016!

Ansel Adams' Sixth Graders and Teachers Head Out to the Ball Park!

.....And guess who won the dance off?

Ansel Adams Elementary School Vision 2015 - 2016

Ansel Adams strives to create a safe and supportive, student centered environment for life-long learners, through rigorous and relevant academic focus. In partnership with parents and our community, we empower students to be socially responsible and productive citizens.

LUSD Parent Survey

Parents, Please take a couple of minutes to take the LUSD Parents Survey. See QUICK LINKS on the left side of this page. It is available in English and Spanish. The class with the most completed parent surveys will receive a prize!
Today: 5/24/16

Kindergarten Round UP Time.....

Pick up your application for your 2015 - 2016 kindergartener

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Ansel Adam's Upcoming Events





Music In our Schools

Thursday, April 28th

McNair High School

What T-shirt Do I Wear Today....

Tuesday: Orange T-Shirt, Antibully Zone!

Wednesday: Favorite College T-Shirt

Friday: Ansel Adams Cubs Spirit T-Shirt